7 Embroidery Artists to Follow On Instagram

February 2, 2022
Kathryn Hutchison
A woman holding onto her embroidered jean jacket

If you’re anything like the Threadsy team, you’ve been spending a lot of time on your phone lately. Thanks to the pandemic and the rise of visually-rich social media channels, more of us are using social media apps than ever before. In fact, a majority of young people now use Instagram and TikTok on a daily basis (Pew Research). We’ve found that these apps are invaluable for finding community and inspiration with other crafters, particularly during times when it’s hard to meet up face-to-face.

Lately at Threadsy we’ve been turning our attention to embroidery influencers. There are a handful of very active community hashtags (check out #embroiderylove and #embroideryinstagild) where artists across the globe showcase a wide variety of techniques and styles in the medium. Through those tags and the community engagement that followed, we’ve noticed some truly unique pieces coming across our feeds. Check out these artists whose work and Instagram accounts inspire us to do our best work and keep creating everyday. 


Since Threadsy is based in Austin, Texas, we had to start this list with a fellow Austinite! We’re big fans of @dietryingtx who makes tons of cool stuff using her hand-operated vintage chainstitch machine. From huge wall hangings to super-cute beanies, her feed is full of creative and eye-catching work. She also regularly mentions other local artists using the hashtag #dietryingtx. It’s a must-follow if you’re craving bright colors and good vibes. 

Check out her online store if you see something you like – we’re partial to the macrame and chainstitch patches. They’re just begging to snazz up a denim jacket or bag.


Rachel, AKA @stitchthejoy, sells DIY hand embroidery kits and adorable stitched fleece out of her online store based in Chatanooga, Tennessee. Her IG posts and stories offer insightful and humorous peeks at daily life as a small business owner. You’ll especially love following her (or just shopping her projects) if you’re into minimalist hand embroidery for fleece and other apparel.

@lifewithbess | @stitchingandco

Australia-based hand embroidery guru @lifewithbess has been publishing stunning projects and patterns for years on Instagram. (Her Oh Honey Tote Bag pattern is a steal at only $10, and it’s perfect for beginners!)

Last year she expanded her community by launching the @stitchingandco podcast and we can’t stop listening. Bess brings a welcoming, communal tone and impeccable taste to her podcast, along with a steady stream of other talented creatives. All that goodness also appears in your feed when you follow @stitchingandco on Instagram. You’ll love it if you like meeting new people and getting fresh, modern project ideas.

@mestitchulous | @threadysetgrow

Scrolling through California-based artist and entrepreneur Kristen G.’s feed @mestitchulous is such a joy. It’s like hanging out with a good friend who’s funny, generous, and really really good at embroidery. In her own work, Kristen creates gifts and apparel for fellow stitch enthusiasts. Her feed is also chock full of shout-outs to other creatives whose work she admires, using the #mestitchulous hashtag.

Earlier this month, Kristen launched @threadysetgrow, a dedicated space where she connects and coaches other embroidery shop owners. It’s still early days, but the account is already chock full of useful checklists, business advice and memes guaranteed to brighten any entrepreneur’s day. Give it a follow if you own a shop or are thinking about starting one.


Sara Barnes is an embroidery artist who specializes in pet portraiture, and is a prolific creator under the IG handle @brwnpaperbag_stitch. We were delighted to discover her work last year and get a little thrill every time she shares a new commission. She’s a must-follow if you love animals, and her creative placement ideas that will inspire you to try something new in your next clothing project. 

If your embroidery skills aren’t up to portraiture-levels, you can shop at Sara's Etsy shop or place a commission for a custom embroidered patch. That way you can decorate any blank clothing you want to make a semi-DIY tribute to your pet.

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Laura, AKA @trashtocouture, is a talented designer and crafter who makes cool clothes with a variety of textile media. These days she primarily designs for herself and her family, and generously shares her work (and how-to guides!) with her followers. Her home sewing blog and IG are great resources for anyone wanting to learn more about machine embroidery techniques. Plus, she wins our versatility award for consistently sharing crave-worthy projects from embroidered apparel to macrame shirts (seriously, it’s a thing!) to upcycled clothing mashups.


This woman-owned embroidery and print shop out of California is doing really cool work in the commercial decoration space. We came across their IG account—that's @precisionthreads—because they regularly feature custom projects made with Yupoong hats, which Threadsy carries. If you do a lot of work with hats, you owe it to yourself to give them a follow. You’ll get a primer on various hat styles, plus ideas on incorporating techniques like 3D puff, flat embellishment, side deco and sublimated patches into your own work. If you’re not a commercial decorator, we highly recommend the shop’s behind-the-scenes videos of their production process. Seriously...they’ll show you how hypnotically captivating giant embroidery machines can be! 

Who Did We Miss?

There are so many makers and fiber artists on Instagram, it would be impossible to list them all here. Still, we’d love to update this article to include more creatives! If you’re in the IG embroidery community or if you follow a maker we should profile, get in touch to let us know!

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